Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No, you need to be a COVT&R member.
You need to create an account quoting your COVT&R membership number.
No, the administrator needs to approve your account and you will then receive an email with your login details.  Then you can start!
You need to pay for each course online before you can start it.  Each course component is priced separately so you don’t have to pay for everything at once up front.

Practical Vision Therapy Program FAQs 

No, they need to be done in the order in which they are laid out in the learning pathway.  You can’t progress to the next module until you have passed the one you are currently doing.
You need to get the answers 100% correct to progress to the next stage.
It will take approximately 18 months to work through all Online Modules and face to face workshops.
Yes, there is an oral and written assessment on the second day of Workshop 3 for Vision Therapists only.
COVT&R Accredited Vision Therapist. Optometrists receive a certificate of completion.
Yes, you need to maintain your membership of COVT&R.
No, you may only practice under the supervision of a qualified Optometrist.